3 Sexy Teen Sex Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Young women who haven’t entirely been jaded by the hell that is young adulthood are easily the pinnacle when you think of sex symbols. There’s something unexplainably sexy about women who are 18, 19, or 20 years old who are in touch with their sexuality. I reached out to some women belonging to this age group about their sexual ventures. I’ve also included stories from men who were happy to recount their romps with younger women. I strung together a few steamy teen sex stories that are sure to blow your mind (and may tempt you to take some time to blow something else, if you catch my drift). Here are 3 of my favorite dirty teen sex stories:

1. Oh, baby…sitter!

“After I turned 18, I used to babysit all the time for a little extra cash before I left for college. One of the guys I used to sit for was this single dad who was going through it with his baby mama. At the time I was babysitting for him he asked me to start nannying because he had to spend a lot of time going through court proceedings with his ex. So I was around his house a lot.

I remember one night after I put the baby to bed, he came home and was clearly completely drained from a conversation he had with his ex. I remember sitting on the couch as he paced around the living room recounting his day and how grueling it was.

I almost cried because of how emotional he got. So I stood up and hugged the guy, but there was something electric that happened in that moment… before I knew it we were on the couch tangled up in each other.
Banging became more of a regular thing as the custody battle went on. The night after he won the suit was a particularly wild one…”

– Christine, 22

2. “I just had to get that grade bump…”

“So I take my academics very seriously. I didn’t subscribe to that whole C’s get degrees bullshit, mostly because have the aspiration to go to grad school (I’m applying this fall, fingers crossed!).

I remember during my sophomore year I had this one particularly hard philosophy class with this super hot professor. I have no idea how old he was, but he looked like he was probably in his late early to mid 30’s. He was like what you’d hope your boyfriend to look like as he aged. But I digress.

At the end of the semester, it was clear that I wasn’t going to maintain my 4.0 without some groveling. I remember sitting in this common area on campus one night when I saw him walking outside. I scooped up my computer and caught up with him. He was not having it at first, but I slowly wore him down, and he redirected to his office where he said we could go over my work. I was hoping for an extra credit opportunity, and I guess that’s technically what I got.

While we were discussing a term paper from earlier in the semester, our fingers brushed, and I saw an opportunity. So I took it. I started flirting my ass off because I just had to get that grad bump to an A… and one thing lead to a locked office door which led to me crawling under his desk. Let’s just say my oral report was enough to earn me a solid A+.

Law school here I come!”

– Victoria, 21

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit

“I used to work at this department store as the manager of menswear. One day I came in and noticed a fresh face at the Perfume counter. I guess the manager knew this girl’s parents and hired her fresh out of high school for a summer job.

I knew she was young, but she acted like a grown ass woman half the time. She was blonde and cute, a total girl-next-door type. We would talk when there were lulls throughout the day, and things got a little flirty. I was always careful because I didn’t want the makeup manager lady to shoo me away.

Things started getting hotter as the summer went on and the flirtationship grew stronger the more the employees hung out after work. One night we were smoking in the parking lot after an unusually long shift, and I offered to drive her home instead of her catching an Uber…

We didn’t go straight home that’s for sure. We fucked in the back of my car on a dark sidestreet by her house. Steamy windows and everything.

I drove her home most nights after this. And there were a few quickies in the bathroom that I’ll never forget.”

– Richard, 31